Exchange students

Learning agreement

1. Those students who come to Law School on an exchange programme must choose their courses among those which are proposed as subjects (Please take a look at the document "Course catalogue" which can be downloaded on your right). Each subject is outlined with a summary of its core syllabus.
Once your choice of subjects has been made, you must approve this list with your home institution. Ask if your home institution has a policy regarding ECTS credits that can help you decide how many courses to take. You are expected to take the majority of your courses in the Law School. However you could take some courses from any other faculties of the Université Grenoble Alpes. You are welcome to do so with their approval.

2. You have to send the learning agreement to the International Relations Office of the Law School ( before your arrival. You will have a possibility to amend your learning agreement on arrival after the first two weeks. These changes must be approved both by the Grenoble Law School and by your home institution.

Double Degree

A “double degree” is one where a student is awarded two university qualifications by following one teaching programme. To be valid, this double degree sequence of courses must be approved by your home institution and your hosting institution.

At the Grenoble Law School, students can follow a sequence of courses which allows them to obtain a double degree. A student who successfully completes course requirements will be awarded two qualifications :
  • the degree of their home institution
  • a university degree from the Grenoble Law School
This double degree will be awarded if the following two conditions are met. A student must,
  • have their study plan approved by their home and host institutions
  • and enrol in one of the university degrees at the Law School which are offered for international students.
To be awarded a double degree a student must be enrolled for one full academic year (and not just for a semester).

At the Grenoble Law School, there are two university degrees which are awarded by our institution :
  • For French-speaking students: Degree in French Law (Diplôme de droit français), which indicates that its recipient has a good general knowledge level of French Law and its special features. Most of the classes are taught in French. Please go to this webpage to learn more (FR)
  • For English-speaking students, there is an English language version of the Degree in French Law, entitled the Diploma in Legal Studies. All of the classes for this degree are taught in English. Please go to this webpage to learn more

Individualised programme of courses (Programme à la carte)

Students who do not wish to enrol in a double degree or who come for only one semester can follow an individualised programme of courses. They could choose the courses from Licence 1 to Master 1 levels : Please take a look at the "Course catalogue" which can be downloaded on your right.
Published on  September 20, 2017
Updated on April 2, 2024