Languages and sports

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Learning a language is always useful, whether you are preparing for a year abroad or want to add a skill to your resume.
While legal English is taught as a mandatory part of the undergraduate and master 1 programs, you can also learn other languages through the modules offered by the University of Grenoble Alpes Language Office, which may also earn you extra credit.
Through the Language Office, you can also earn various language certifications (such as TOEFL) which may help emphasize your skills.  
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Learning languages in Grenoble:

The Language department, located across from the Law School, offers classes in English, Spanish, Italian and German. It offers multimedia language-learning content in a self-serve media library and offers general knowledge classes on the various countries for which international exchanges are offered.

Learning languages in Valence:

UGA classes are given in the Marguerite Soubeyran Building. Please note that there is a fee to take part in these supplementary classes.


 "A sound mind in a sound body": participation in sports is strongly encouraged by the university!
Sports classes, offered all week long, will enable you to discover a variety of disciplines, and may also earn you extra credit.
Master 2 students: Outdoors activities are organized for master 1 students at the Law School.  A variety of sports are practiced: mountain bike, ski, trek, sailboard.
The number of places available is limited, and a financial contribution is requested from students registered for this module.
Published on  September 23, 2020
Updated on August 26, 2022