Student associations

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Students at the Law School are grouped into different student associations depending on their degree level and the types of actions carried out. These associations put on a variety of events throughout the year.

BDE Droit Grenoble

The Grenoble Law School students' office.  
Its goal is to enliven academic and extracurricular life, promote the programs and help new graduates find jobs in the field.
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The association of masters' and undergraduate students in European and international law.
Provides access to a database of internship offers and offers study abroad programs in the field of intergovernmental institutional practices.
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Association des anciens pénalistes grenoblois (Grenoble criminal law alumni association)

The students' association for the Grenoble Law School's Master 2 Droit pénal (Criminal law).  
Organizes events and takes part in a criminal law conference.

CODE Valence

Student event organization committee.
Organizes events on the Valence campus.
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The association of student consultants of the Grenoble Law School for the practice of legal consultations.  
Serves to promote legal culture in the Law School.
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J.E.T (Trilingual Jurists and Economists)

The students' association for the "Law-Languages" and "Economics-Management-Languages" undergraduate programs of Grenoble's Law School and School of Economics.  
Organizes events to encourage and facilitate student integration, socialization and cultural discovery.
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Nota Bene

The association of the Master 2 Droit notarial (Notarial law).
Serves to promote notarial activities in the Grenoble Law School, create cohesion between Master 2 graduates and alumni, and help Master 2 students join the notarial world.

Pour le Droit de la montagne

The association of the Master 2 Droit de la montagne (Mountain law).
Promotes the Master 2 Droit de la montagne.
Published on  September 24, 2020
Updated on August 26, 2022