Executive team

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Dean of the School: Jean-Christophe VIDELIN

His team:

  • Vice-dean in charge of academic affairs: Mrs. Stéphane GERRY-VERNIERES
  • Vice-dean in charge of the undergraduate program: Mr. Romain BOURREL
  • Vice-dean in charge of the master programs: Mrs. Stéphane GERRY-VERNIERES
  • Vice-dean in charge of the Valence campus: Mrs. Floriane MAISONNASSE
  • Vice-dean in charge of professionalization: Mrs. Marielle PICQ
  • Vice-dean in charge of international relations: Mrs. Pascale RODARY
  • Vice-dean in charge of e-learning: Mrs. Claire-Anne MICHEL 

Section chairs:

Chairs of the private law section: Pascale TREFIGNY
Chairs of the public law section: Léo VANIER and Emilie BARBIN
Chair of the history of law section: Martial MATHIEU

Other directorates:

Directors of the Institut d'études judiciaires (Institute for Legal Studies): Yannick JOSEPH RATINEAU and Sébastien MILLEVILLE
Directors of the CRJ (Legal Research Center): Romain TINIERE and Ingrid MARIA
Director of the CESICE (Centre for Research on International Security and European Cooperation): Théodore CHRISTAKIS
Director of the CERDAP² (Center for Research on Diplomacy, Public Administration and Policy):  Jamil SAYAH
Director of the Ecole doctorale sciences juridiques (Graduate School of Legal Sciences): Sabine LAVOREL et Michel FARGE

Advisory Council:

The purpose of the Law School's Advisory Council is to define the School's overall policy. It serves as a forum for reflection, orientation and decision-making on academic, administrative and financial topics.
The Advisory Council, chaired by the Dean, is composed of 32 elected members and 8 external members. Among the elected members, 20 represent the academic staff (4-year term), 8 represent students (2-year term) and 4 represent administrative staff, engineers and technicians (4-year term).
Published on  September 24, 2020
Updated on October 9, 2023