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Throughout the year, students are invited to participate in the various events organized by the professionalization department of the Faculty of Law of Grenoble.

Professionalization workshops

These professionalization workshops are led by recruitment professionals. Each student has the opportunity to have their CV and cover letter read and/or to participate in an interview with professionals in response to a fictitious offer.

Internship Dating

This event allows Master 2 students to meet, during brief interviews, professionals in law who are looking for trainees. With their CV and a cover letter, students can benefit from several appointments with these professionals.

Forum for law related jobs

On the premises of the Faculty of Law, 40 professionals (notaries, lawyers, Court clerks, corporate lawyers, lawyers in local authorities, tax administration professionals, army, police, gendarmerie …) get together to present their job in the public or private sector. This forum is offered to students from First year of Bachelor degree to First year of Master degree (L1 to M1).

Mini conferences

Twice a year, mini-lectures of 1h30 are organized for master's students. They are led by recruitment professionals (HR, manager, recruitment coach ...).
Published on  December 16, 2019
Updated on August 26, 2022