Center for Research on Diplomacy, Public Administration and Policy


Using interdisciplinary approaches with an international orientation, the Center for Research on Diplomacy, Public Administration and Policy (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur la Diplomatie, l'Administration publique et le Politique - CERDAP²) carries out research focused on the institutional reconfiguration of public bodies and the organizations they rely on.
Although it also counts political scientists, historians and doctors among its members, CERDAP² is primarily composed of legal instructor-researchers. Rejecting technical approaches to the law and advocating for the importance of viewing institutions from a political standpoint, this laboratory seeks to develop a new perspective on the administrative and legal sciences.
With a focus on collective research that encourages doctoral students to learn through research, CERDAP² primarily analyzes the institutional transformations of public entities through two specific fields of research that provide an exemplary illustration thereof. These two fields of research are justice, risk and security policies and bodies, on the one hand, and foreign policy and diplomatic bodies, on the other.
The laboratory values a cross-disciplinary approach, with a growing focus on criminology, a field in which it can bring together the theoretical and practical knowledge of the jurists, political scientists, doctors, historians and psychologists among its ranks. In geographical terms, CERDAP² is well-known for its expertise on Africa and the Middle East.
Published on  September 24, 2020
Updated on May 17, 2021