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Découvrez le témoignage de Timo Weyhe, étudiant provenant de l'Université du Kent (Royaume-Uni), inscrit au DU Diploma in Legal Studies, à la Faculté de droit de Grenoble.
" Coming from a common law background, I gained some insight into the civil law system and international law at UGA for the first time. In particular, the mix of courses looking at the development of legal traditions, a focus on French and international law aspects, have created a unique combination taught by professors from UGA and others from international partner universities sharing their expertise.
Being in a classroom with people from many different backgrounds has helped me gain an understanding through class discussions about the law we study and the cultural and legal differences existing worldwide. Especially during the various group tasks, you are challenged to collaborate on presentations and essays, which deepens your knowledge of an area and is an equally great opportunity to get to know your classmates better.
The wonderful location of Grenoble has allowed me and other students to explore France and easily travel to neighbouring countries during the time off. Grenoble is a vibrant and enjoyable city itself to live in, allowing you to hike up the surrounding Alpes in the autumn or easily go skiing in the wintertime. And even while studying or on the way to class, the view of the mountains has never ceased to amaze me.
The various exciting classes and teachers that make up the Diploma in Legal Studies at UGA, combined with the people I met and the opportunities to explore the region, have made this year worthwhile and very enjoyable for me."

credit photo : Jean-Francis Massa
Publié le  2 mai 2023
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